Bone & Gum Grafting

Making dental implants possible at our clinic in London

At Dental Implants 4 You, we believe that dental implants can help our clients live life to the full. Yet the truth is that missing teeth can lead to jawbone loss – and dental implants need strong bone to be successful.

We can often overcome this with expert grafting to help build stronger and healthier bones and gums.* For bone grafting, we use a specialist grafting material placed into your existing jawbone. This works with your body as the bone surrounding the graft grows into it – making the bone strong enough to support implants. Gum grafting targets the problem of gum recession (due to gum disease) by using tissue from your mouth to cover and repair the gum area that surrounds exposed roots. It’s just one of the advanced periodontal treatments we provide.

Both procedures can help make dental implants a reality and gum grafting holds added benefits including less tooth sensitivity and a more even gum line.*

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