Implant Bridge

Discover a long-term solution for several missing teeth at our clinic in London

At Dental Implants 4 You, we see lots of new clients with missing teeth. Using treatments such as implant-supported bridge so they can regain their smile is a really rewarding part of our team’s job. So if you have more than one tooth missing then this treatment could make the difference for you.*

Implant-supported bridges work in a similar way to standard dental bridges except that they’re supported by implants rather than natural teeth. The implants used are almost the same as single implants in that they are made with a titanium screw, a connecting part (called an abutment) and a crown (the part that looks like a real tooth). The difference is that several crowns are connected together to form a bridge to replace several teeth in a row.

With no gaps to hide, you’ll be able to smile, laugh, eat and talk with new-found confidence. Better still, the implants partly replace the roots of your teeth (as well as the teeth themselves) which helps keep your jawbone healthy.

From £5,100
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