Implant Rescue Clinic

Treating implant disease and fixing problems at our clinic in London

At Dental Implants 4 You, we believe in helping our clients care for their dental implants for life. Treatment and care shouldn’t stop when crowns and bridges are fitted which is why we launched our Implant Rescue Clinic. From implant disease (peri-implantitis) to loose crowns – we’re here to handle any implant issues and complications.

A problem we’re seeing more and more of is peri-implantitis. This is a kind of inflammatory implant disease that causes bone to recede which exposes the area around the implant to bacteria. Many dentists don’t pick this up or are unwilling to treat it if the implants have been done elsewhere. We want to tackle the problem head on with early diagnosis and expert treatment.*

The clinic also resolves problems such as broken bridges and chipped crowns so you can carry on with a smile.

A consultation at the clinic costs £150
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