Perio – Gum Treatment

Improving your gum health at our clinic in London

We’re here to champion great gum health as it’s vital to your overall dental health and successful implant treatment. Many of our clients have lost teeth to gum disease. We’ve got a wealth of experience in getting this condition under control and provide a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments tailored to your needs.

Gum disease occurs when your gum line becomes inflamed and can eventually affect the bone that supports your teeth. First of all, we’ll assess your gums to see if there are signs of gum disease before talking through the next possible steps. These could involve simply improving the way you brush and floss through to professional deep cleaning and onto pocket-reduction surgery to remove tartar in deep pockets around the gums or reduce the size of the pocket itself.*

More severe gum disease can lead to roots becoming visible as gums recede further and further. We offer gum grafting to help target this problem. This advanced treatment isn’t offered by many dentists or periodontists but can help repair gum tissue to cover the exposed area.

Prices for periodontal treatments range from £450 to £3,500
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