Single Tooth Implants

Replace a missing tooth at our clinic in London

At Dental Implants 4 You, we believe that missing teeth should never get in the way of a great smile. There’s no need to feel self-conscious or embarrassed when single tooth implant look and feel just like natural teeth to bring your smile back and boost your confidence.*

Our single tooth implant are made of a titanium screw, a connecting part (called an abutment) and a crown (the part that looks like a real tooth). We craft the crown to perfectly match existing teeth and unlike most dentists, we custom make abutments for better results at no extra cost. A single tooth implant can work wonders for your smile, but the great news is that they’re good for your dental health too. They’ll help to reduce the chances of losing more teeth, won’t affect the health of adjacent teeth and preserve your jawbone to keep it strong and intact.

Easy to clean and care for, rediscover your smile at our modern, friendly clinic.

From £2,200
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